The World Bank (WB) has approved an USD126.9 million loan to finance infrastructure, connectivity and flood resistance projects in the city of Vinh Long, Vietnam. The financing will be provided to the Government of Vietnam under the WB’s International Development Association (IDA) and will be co-financed by an USD19.5 million grant from the Government of Amsterdam’s Development Related Infrastructure Investment Vehicle (DRIVE).

The Vinh Long City Urban Development and Enhanced Climate Resilience Project will focus on the development of flood control systems, wastewater drainage and collection and treatment systems, as well as channel investment towards key urban roads infrastructure projects in the city.

Almost 50 per cent of the total funding received will be used to develop flood risk mitigation measures, such as embankments and tidal sluice gates, canal and drainage system repairs and improvements, and green infrastructure investments. The project will also fund the construction of three major highways that will increase inter-city connection.

An integrated flood risk management information system, a geographic data sharing platform, information, education, and communication initiatives, and better transportation management will be key components of the initiative. The project will also promote investments in data, information, and communication technologies and will aim at improving urban administration and planning.