The Mobility House has announced plans to expand its vehicle-to-grid (V2G) solutions to Southeast Asia (SEA) by deploying its ChargePilot software for a V2G trial in the region. The trial will test the feasibility of regulated charging and utilising energy stored in electric vehicles (EVs) to improve national grid stability. The goal is to connect majority of EVs in SEA to the grid, especially in Singapore as it targets to phase out all internal combustion engines by 2040. SP Group, the national grid operator of Singapore, has also increased the initial investment in The Mobility House to finance the firm’s unidirectional controlled charging (V1G) and V2G technology trial in SEA.

V2G will be able to provide a variety of grid-stabilising services while bridging the energy-mobility divide in the region. Additionally, it will allow for the offset of new electrification expenses by providing end users with additional benefits such as lower electricity bills and expanded revenue streams.