The Ministry of Transport has announced plans to upgrade Vietnam’s North-South railway within Q1 of 2023. Plans include five renovation projects with a combined cost of USD213 million. Funds will be allocated from the state budget for public projects in the 2021-2025 period.

The first three projects will renovate the 319-km-long section between Hanoi and Vinh, the 995-km-long section between Vinh and Nha Trang and the 441 km-long section linking Nha Trang and Saigon. The total cost to renovate these sections is USD 131.77 million.

The fourth project, costing USD20 million, will upgrade three passenger terminals and four cargo terminals while the final project, worth USD78.46 million, will upgrade a railway bridge crossing the Duong River.

The 1,726 km line was opened in 1936 and hasn’t been upgraded in recent decades.