The Department of Energy (DOE) plans to deploy around 6.3 million electric vehicles (EV) across the Philippines by 2040, which will account for 50 per cent of all vehicles on the roads. This will be supported by the deployment of around 147,000 EV charging points during the same period.

Under the DOE’s short-term goal, around 2.45 million electric cars, motorcycles as well as buses will be deployed by 2028. Meanwhile, around 65,000 new charging stations will also be installed.

By 2034, the agency plans to deploy an additional 1.85 million EVs along with 42,000 new charging stations. Finally, under the DOE’s long-term plans, it aims to deploy another 2 million EVs across the Philippines by 2040. This will be supported by 40,000 EV charging facilities.