Infrastructure Asia, established by Enterprise Singapore and the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), has launched an online platform to link governments, developers and financiers of infrastructure projects across Asia. The portal aims to increase exposure of the infrastructure project pipeline in the region.

At launch, around 12 projects valued at USD2.7 billion have been listed. Out of the total, five projects are located in Indonesia, two projects in Cambodia and Philippines each while Vietnam has one infrastructure project listed. These are mainly public sector projects in the transport, energy, water and waste management sectors.

Project owners will be able to list their project needs on the platform and solution providers and financiers can get specific information about the project like its value, owner and developers. Projects will be chosen by Infrastructure Asia to be featured on the site based on their bankability and whether they fall within areas of expertise of the Government of Singapore’s or Singapore-based companies.

The Southeast Asia (SEA) region will need to invest USD2 trillion in sustainable infrastructure by 2030, with private funding playing a key role.