Government of Singapore has announced plans to phase out the use of unabated coal in the country’s energy mix by 2050 during the COP26 climate talks in Glasgow, Scotland. Singapore has become the first Asian country to join the Powering Past Coal Alliance, an international coalition consisting of 165 members that promotes the transition from coal to clean energy.

By joining the alliance, the government has pledged to phase out unabated coal from its electricity mix by 2050 and to limit direct government financing of unabated coal generation globally. Unabated coal power includes coal-fired power plants that do not employ suitable  carbon capture and storage technology.

Additionally, the Government of Singapore has also signed the Global Coal to Clean Power transition statement to boost international cooperation for the global energy transition. Under the statement, the government has committed to international efforts and collaboration to transition away from unabated coal power by the 2040s. The government will also stop issuing new permits and cease direct financing for new unabated coal-fired power generation projects worldwide.