The Philippines Department of Energy (DOE) has identified 13 natural gas projects to be developed by 2030 in Luzon to meet the aggressive expansion of natural gas usage in the power and transport sectors. The nine priority natural gas pipeline projects identified are: the Batangas–Manila pipeline (105 km) to be completed by 2017; Sucat–Fort Bonifacio (15 km, 2017); Sucat–Malaya (35 km, 2017); Sucat–Quirino (38 km, 2020); Bataan–Manila (140 km, 2020); Metro Manila/Edsa-Taft or the ET-Loop (140 km, 2020); Subic pipeline (40 km, 2021); Clark pipeline (25 km, 2022); and the Bataan–Cavite pipeline (40 km, 2022). Three terminal projects that have also been proposed are an LNG hub terminal in Pagbilao, Quezon, to be completed by 2014; an LNG terminal in Batangas (2021–30); and another one in Bataan to be operational by 2025.