Wartsila is fast tracking the development of a 200 MW flexible baseload power plant in Cambodia due to the urgent requirement for increased electricity supply. CGGC-UN Power Company, the principal EPC contractor for the power plant project, had placed the order with Wartsila in June 2019. The plant is being developed on behalf of Cambodia’s state-owned company Electricite du Cambodge (EDC) in Kandal Province, near the capital city of Phnom Penh.

In addition to increasing the national grid capacity, the 12 high-efficiency Wartsila 50DF dual-fuel engines will provide fast-starting, balancing flexibility to improve stability and reliability. The power plant will also focus on increasing the level of renewable energy (RE), particularly solar power, that will be integrated into the system in the future. The Wartsila engines’ dual-fuel capabilities will allow them to run on heavy fuel oil (HFO) at first but will transition to LNG once sufficient local LNG infrastructure is in place.