The Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam (BIDV) has signed an agreement to provide a loan worth over 1 trillion dong to the National Power Transmission Corporation (NPT), a subsidiary of state-owned Electricity of Vietnam (EVN), for three power transmission projects. The projects that will receive funding are the 200 kV Bao Thang substation in Lao Cai province; the 500/220 kV Duyen Hai substation in Tra Vinh province; and the 200 kV Duyen Hai–Tra Vinh transmission line. The Bao Thang substation is designed to connect power plants in Lao Cao to industrial consumers, while the other two projects are intended to transmit electricity from the Duyen Hai thermal power plants to the national power grid. The funds are part of the 3 trillion dong funding committed by BIDV for EVN’s nine power projects in 2013.