The Vinh Son-Song Hinh Hydropower Joint Stock Company (VSH) has approved a capital mobilisation plan to complete the VND 9.43 trillion Thuong Kon Tum hydropower plant, the biggest of its kind in Vietnam’s central province of Kon Tum. By the end of March, VSH had disbursed VND 7.16 trillion for the project. The firm still needs nearly VND 1.67 trillion to complete the power plant.

VSH’s shareholders approved a proposal to borrow from banks or issue a maximum of VND 1.26 trillion worth of bonds to contribute to the project. Of this, the shareholders have allowed the management board to issue a maximum of VND 200 billion worth of bonds in private placements.

The Thuong Kon Tum hydropower plant is scheduled for a commercial run in the third quarter of the year 2019-20 with a designed annual power output of over 1.09 billion kWh.