The Thail government has directed the Ministry of Transport to speed up the construction of 10 planned mass transit projects covering 464 km. The transport ministry plans to spend 77.8 billion baht on mass transit projects in Bangkok and the surrounding areas, excluding high speed rail, in 2013. The budgeted expenditure on such projects for the subsequent four years, starting 2014, is 138.9 billion baht, 146.1 billion baht, 109.9 billion baht, and 60.4 billion baht, respectively. While the government will invest in rail systems and civil works, which account for 80 per cent of the costs, the remaining work will be implemented on a PPP basis. Special emphasis has been placed on the completion of the first section of the 80.8 km Red Line – from Rangsit in Pathum Thani to Bang Sue. The severely delayed bid for the project is now expected to be called during the second quarter of 2013.