The Asia Pacific [APAC] Tambuli Awards 2021 chose the Telenor Pakistan campaign Naming the Invisible by Digital Birth Registration by Ogilvy Pakistan as this year’s Carmencita Esteban Platinum awardee. Sixty million Pakistani children are invisible in the state as unregistered citizens, which means they are devoid of their legal right of identity. Telenor Pakistan leapfrogged outdated, paper-based processes and launched a simple mobile app, Digital Birth Registration. This innovative approach to help remote communities opened up a world of opportunity. The app recorded over 1.2 million birth registrations across 36 districts in the country.

The APAC Tambuli Awards recognise campaigns on creative and effective brands with purpose. They celebrate brands that show seamless integration of creativity, brand purpose and results. Case study entries must demonstrate how brands uplift society, create positive change, and correlate purpose with purchase.