Singapore-based Sun Cable has announced plans to expand the Australia-ASEAN Power Link’s (AAPL) renewable energy (RE) generation and storage capacity. The project will now use an undersea transmission link to transport solar energy from Australia’s Outback to Singapore. Sun Cable has moved the landing site of its undersea cable from Middle Arm in Darwin to Murrumujuk Beach near Gunn Point, about 60 km northwest of Darwin. The project construction is planned to begin in early 2024.

The proposed AAPL is currently being developed on a 12,000 hectare site at Powell Creek. The project is expected to supply power to Australia and Singapore through a 4,500 km high-voltage direct-current (HVDC) transmission network. The AAPL also includes a 750 km overhead transmission line from the solar farm to Darwin and a 3,800 km HVDC submarine cable from Darwin to Singapore. The AAPL will be capable of delivering up to 20 per cent of Singapore’s energy needs with supply scheduled to commence in 2027.