The Singapore LNG Corporation has announced that the company will expand the throughput capacity of the Jurong LNG terminal to 9 mt a year by 2017. The terminal is currently under construction. The expanded capacity that constitutes 2.5 times the planned commissioning capacity of the terminal is scheduled to come onstream in June 2013. The move is apparently aimed at increasing domestic supply, as well as making the terminal an Asian hub of spot LNG trading, given the soaring LNG demand in the region. The LNG terminal is being built on the country’s western island of Jurong. It will be equipped with two storage tanks and jetties; its initial throughput capacity is 3.5 mt a year. The company plans to build the third tank by the end of 2013, which will ramp up the capacity to 6 mt. The company has invested S$1.69 billion in the project thus far; it plans to make an additional investment in order to set up the fourth tank, which will then boost its capacity to 9 mt by 2017.