A new colour code system for public bus transportation in the Brunei–Muara district has been unveiled by the Motor Transport Licensing Authority. Under the new system, purple buses will be changed to six different colours that correspond to the allocated colours for each zone/route:

  • Royal blue – Eastern Line;
  • Green – Northern Line;
  • Magenta – Western Line;
  • Grey – Southern Line;
  • Brown – Central Line; and
  • Cyan blue – Circle Line.


Besides painting the buses, bus operators are required to retrofit/repair the internal upholstery, the air-conditioning system, bus suspension, tyres, rims, and the brake system. In addition, they must provide priority seats for the disabled. Furthermore, they are required to extend the bus operation timings, install electronic signage for route display, provide fire extinguishers and first-aid kits in the bus, install retro-reflective strips, and standardise the bus frequency at 30 minutes.

Since the aforementioned upgrades would require significant investments by the bus operators, the duration of their bus franchise will be extended from end-2013 to end-2014. The construction of a new bus terminal, the Rimba Bus Terminal, is also on the anvil. The groundwork is expected to begin in October 2013.