The Philippines’ Board of Investments (BOI) has approved a project involving the construction of two 300 MW coal-fired power plants by San Miguel Consolidated Power Corporation (SMCPC) worth PhP 51.34 billion. The plants that are expected to begin operations between end-2015 and early 2016 are a power plant each at Barangay Lamao in Limay, Bataan (PhP 25.5 billion) and at Culaman in Malita, Davao del Sur (PhP 25.84 billion). The Bataan power plant will serve as an additional power source for Luzon. Both plants will initially import coal from Indonesia or Australia, though they are eventually expected to use local coal from the Daguma coal mines that belong to SMCPC’s affiliate, San Miguel Energy Corporation. The BOI’s approval of the projects is in line with the Philippines government’s Investment Priorities Plan that focuses on providing fiscal and non-fiscal incentives to priority sectors.