Rapid urbanisation and industrialisation coupled with climate change have increased the pressure on water resources across the globe. Southeast Asian economies such as Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines and Indonesia are already facing a huge gap in the demand and supply of water. Even major economies such as Singapore are heavily dependent on external sources to meet their water needs. This is partly due to the overexploitation of water along with the discharge of untreated industrial water directly into waterbodies. However, another major reason is inadequate water treatment infrastructure. This issue of Southeast Asia Infrastructure takes a look at the trends across the water treatment and waste management segments, key challenges faced and the way forward.

The Covid-19 pandemic has had an enormous impact on the aviation industry, affecting passenger traffic, air cargo demand, the workforce and funding, and has put many airport construction projects on hold. Our story “In Distress” assesses the impact of the pandemic on airport projects, traffic and the funding scenario. Natural gas has emerged as a necessary transition fuel in Southeast Asia in view of the growing demand in the region.

According to the International Energy Agency, the region’s energy demand is expected to grow by 60 per cent until 2040, of which the demand for gas will account for about 65 per cent. In the story “Sector Rundown”, Southeast Asia Infrastructure takes a look at the current natural gas scenario, key opportunities and the way forward.

PE is a growing market in Southeast Asia. Attracted by the region’s healthy demographics and robust economic growth, many PE funds have decided to invest in the sector within the region. Our story “Bullish Outlook” gives a brief account of the PE trends and opportunities in Southeast Asia.

5G has emerged as the new focus area for telecom operators and governments across Southeast Asia. While ministries and regulatory bodies are actively trying to make available the requisite spectrum for 5G services, operators are also making efforts to make their networks future ready and have been testing the technology. Some markets continue to be ahead of others in the game. The story “Acing the Game”, takes a look at the current status of 5G development across Southeast Asia.