The merger and acquisition (M&A) market is an ever-evolving one. The Southeast Asian region continues to remain a hotbed for investments by corporates and investors. M&As, despite pacing down in 2018 due to global headwinds, picked up in the ongoing year in most countries. The recent country-specific M&A market trends are quite impressive. While Singapore’s deal activity started on an impressive note, the Malaysian market despite the political uncertainties remained vibrant. Some notable deals were also struck in Indonesia and Vietnam too continued to witness strong interest. Our focus story, “Financial Handshakes”, analyses the M&A market trends in the region and highlights the potential interest segments and opportunity areas.

The power distribution utilities in Southeast Asia are embarking upon the next phase of digital transformation through smart grids. An investment of $9.8 billion in smart grid infrastructure is expected between 2018 and 2027 in the Southeast Asian region as per a study by the Northeast Group.

Rapid urbanisation, increasing trade due to economic integration, and emerging new business models like e-commerce are accelerating the demand for efficient logistics in ASEAN. Our story “Emerging Markets” discusses the recent trends and developments in the region’s logistics market.

Singapore’s desalination market has witnessed rapid strides in the past few years. The story “Achieving Self-Sufficiency” provides a snapshot of the upcoming state-of-the-art dual-mode Keppel Marina East Desalination Plant in Singapore.

Southeast Asia is gradually emerging as the fastest growing internet region in the world. In the story “Mobile First”, Southeast Asia Infrastructure gives a detailed status of m-commerce.

With a number of infrastructure projects being undertaken in the region, in addition to the multilateral agencies, countries such as Japan and China have turned out to be a dependable source of financing. The story, “External Support” talks about the increasing multilateral and bilateral involvement in financing ASEAN’s infrastructure.