The Ministry of Transportation (MOT) of Indonesia has revealed that the total number of registered electric vehicles (EVs) across the country as of the end of October 2022 is lower than the target set by the government for the year. For 2022, the government aimed to have 100,000 new and converted EVs, although till date, only 31,827 vehicles have been registered.

Out of the total 100,000 target, the government aimed for 80,000 for four-wheeler EVs and 20,000 electric motorcycles. The Government of Indonesia plans to have around 13 million electric motorbikes and 2.2 million electric cars by 2030.

For the public transport fleet, the number has increased from 43 electric buses as of July 2022 to 75 electric buses as of October 2022. The MOT is aiming to further expand this number in the next two months. It is also planning to expand the use of EVs to mass freight.