Mandai Park Holdings (MPH) has announced its commitment for Mandai to be the first carbon neutral precinct in Singapore by 2024, through a comprehensive sustainability strategy. The strategy will focus on lowering energy and water consumption, maximising renewable energy (RE) generation prospects, as well as exploring trash reduction, recycling, and upcycling options.

Furthermore, MPH has committed to obtaining 100 per cent of its energy from renewable sources by 2030. MPH will gradually install on-site solar panels on viable rooftops around the area. In the first phase to be completed during 2021, the company will install 77 solar panel modules that will generate about 50 MWh of energy annually. The phase will involve the installation of 694 solar panel modules at an existing multi-storey carpark, with an ability to generate 450 MWh of energy annually. Currently, electricity consumption accounts for more than half of Mandai’s carbon emissions.

Energy-saving measures, such as the installation of an energy monitoring system and motion sensors, will also be implemented. In addition, the agency will be replacing outdated infrastructure, such as current pump systems, with more energy-efficient options. Around 712 MWh of energy is estimated to be saved annually as a result of these efforts.