The state government in Malacca is allocating RM 612.3 million for the upgradation of the existing road network and the construction of new ones. The allocation would be used to fund 73 road infrastructure projects within the state. Among the projects planned are:

  • Construction of afour-lane highway that connects Lebuh AMJ (Alor Gajah–Malacca–Jasin Expressway) to Bukit Katil: RM 26.3 million
  • Upgradation of an access road from Pulau Gadong to Klebang: RM 16.5 million
  • Upgradation of the Malacca Inner Ring Road: RM 223 million
  • Proposed expansion of lanes in the Jalan Kandang-Jasin carriage way from the current two lanes to four lanes: RM 126 million