BPMIGAS has launched the second petroleum bidding round of 2012. In this round, 23 blocks will be put on offer, with 16 blocks (Merangin III, Air Sugihan, Bima Sakti, West Tuna, Offshore North X-Ray, Sanggau, Menduwai, Kahayan, South Tanjung, West Bangkanai, North East Tanjung, North East Bangkanai, Offshore Mangkalihat, Central Mahakam, West Sebuku, andWest Misool) to be offered on a direct tender mechanism. Companies will be allowed to bilaterally submit an offer to the government that will then be opened to other prospective investors. The company making the most competitive offer would be awarded the block. The remaining seven blocks (West Asri, Bengara II, North East Sepanjang, Masalima, Seringapatam I, Seringapatam II, and Wanapiri) will be offered via the regular tender mechanism. The deadlines for the submission of participating documents for the direct offer blocks and the regular tender blocks have been set for November 27, 2012 and February 19, 2013, respectively.