The Government of Singapore has launched its National Hydrogen Strategy under which power generated from the low-carbon fuel will account for 50 per cent of the country’s total power demand by 2050.

Under the strategy, focus will be on five key aspects. The first will explore the commercial viability of advanced hydrogen technologies. In line with this, an Expression of Interest is planned for a small-scale commercial project on using ammonia for electricity generation.

The focus of the second aspect will be on advancing these hydrogen technologies through research and development (R&D). For Phase 2 of the Low Carbon Energy Research (LCER) Programme, hydrogen will be the main focus area and the government has earmarked USD129 million to finance projects under this phase.

While the third aspect will involve the formation and scaling up of supply chains, the fourth aspect will focus on developing storage and import infrastructure before the mass deployment of hydrogen.

The final aspect involves developing future economic opportunities along the hydrogen supply chain. This includes financing, trading, certifying, transporting, storage and deployment.