The Indonesian government has decided to build six thermal power plants (TPPs) with a capacity of 9,320 MW in Java. The power plants are part of the second phase of a fast-track programme (FTP-2). With the exception of one plant, all the others will be situated in West Java. Two of the six TPPs will be built by state electricity company PT PLN. These are PLTU Indramayu that will have a capacity of 1×1,000 MW and PLTU Jawa 6 of capacity 2×2,000 MW. Both plants will be located in West Java. Meanwhile, four of the TPPs will be built by independent power producers: PLTU Jawa 1 (1×1,000 MW), PLTU Jawa 3 (2×660 MW), PLTU Jawa 5 (2×1,000 MW), and PLTU Jawa 4 (2×1,000 MW) – located in Central Java. The six TPPs with a capacity of 9,320 MW will constitute 52 per cent of all FTP-2 projects. The FTP-2 covers 76 projects. Upon completion, the combined capacity of these projects will be 17,918 MW.