The Government of Vietnam has approved the construction of a 1.5 GW LNG power plant in the in Quang Tri province, valued at VND54 trillion. Vietnam-based T&T Group is the project’s principal investor, investing 40 per cent of the total investment. Hanwha Energy Corporation, Korea Southern Power, and Korea Gas Corporation are among the other investors.

Construction of the power plant will be carried out in three stages. The first stage will also comprise works on an LNG port with the capacity to accommodate fuel transporting ships ranging in size from 170,000 to 226,000 cubic metres, supplying 1.5 million tonnes of LNG annually, in addition to construction works on the 1.5 GW LNG power plant.

The second stage is expected to double the generating capacity of the LNG power plant to 3GW and will be considered as part of the Power Development Master Plan VII (PDPVII). The first stage is scheduled to be operational by 2027, and once all the three stages are completed, the LNG complex’s total generating capacity will be 4.5GW.