The Government of the Philippines has ordered the revival of the railway system in Panay Island. Operations on the Panay railways were halted in 1983 due to growing losses. In June 2022, Panay Railways Incorporated (PRI), the rail line’s operator, announced that United Kingdom-based Global Wealth Centres has expressed interest in participating in the revival project.

The proposed project will be carried out in four phases and the first phase, covering the route between Iloilo City and Roxas City in Capiz, is expected to cost around USD1.5 billion. The amount includes all rehabilitation works, procuring vehicles and the civil works.

The Panay railway’s original route was 117 km long and included 19 permanent and 10 flag stations.

The Panay railway system will be one of the key rail projects in the country alongside the Mindanao Railway Project and the Cebu railway system.