According to reports, the Kaladan multi-purpose transportation project, jointly implemented by Myanmar and India, is expected to be completed by mid-2014. About 70 per cent of the first phase of the three-phase project is complete. It included the construction of the Sittway deepsea port, the Paletwa jetty, and six vessels, as well as the dredging of the Kaladan waterway. The second phase of the project covers the construction of a 109 km long road to link Paletwa with the border region, while the third phase involves building a highway to link India’s Mizoram state with Myanmar’s Chin state. The completion of the waterway and highway crossing Myanmar’s Rakhine and Chin states would help to support transport and trade between the two countries. On completion of the project, expected by 2015, India would hand over the maintenance works to Myanmar. Myanmar and India signed the $214 million contract for the Kaladan multi-purpose transportation project in 2008.