Energy consumption in the region has almost doubled in the last two decades. That said, the deployment of renewables attains a crucial role. The Southeast Asian countries are making serious attempts to evolve renewable energy into a mainstream energy source. Decreasing technology costs have contributed to better and more efficient exploitation of renewable energy resources in the region.

Our focus story, “Growth Trajectory”, presents an overview of the renewable energy scenario in the region. The story discusses the country-wise status of renewables. It also showcases the capacity and technology trends, policy targets and issues faced across the region.

This issue also highlights the emergence of energy efficiency as a key factor in optimising energy use. Our story “Fuel of the Future” discusses the key benefits of energy efficiency measures initiated in the region. It is now a well-known fact that energy efficiency can reduce electricity demand in the long run.

Across the globe, grids are becoming smarter. The ASEAN region is also testing the waters with smart grids. Our story “Smart Grid Strategy” gives an account of the steps taken by Malaysia to make its grids smarter.

Interesting developments have been witnessed in the transportation segment. The recently commissioned new terminal at Changi Airport in Singapore is a feather in the region’s cap. Our story, “Connecting Skies” talks about the project’s background, key features, funding aspects and expected benefits.

Meanwhile, our story “Public Good” highlights the current level of public transport use in Jakarta and the ambitious capital investment plans for development of metro and light rail floated in the segment. Smartphones have become a primary device for internet access across the region.  The story “On the Upside” gives an update on the level of smartphone penetration in the region.

The story “Golden Age” gives an overview of the Build-Build-Build programme in the Philippines, new funding options and other measures to bridge the infrastructure gap.