The Singapore Public Transport Council (PTC) has announced fare hikes on buses and MRT trains in Singapore, with effect from April 6, 2014. The revised fares will cost an additional 2 to 6 cents, 2 to 3 cents, and 2 cents per journey for adults, senior citizens, and students, respectively. The overall fare adjustment is thus 3.2 per cent. PTC has also approved two new concession schemes for low-wage workers and commuters with disabilities, starting from July 2014. Low-wage workers will be eligible for a 15 per cent reduction on adult fares based on the Workfare Transport Concession Scheme, while people with disabilities can avail themselves of a 25 per cent discount. The schemes are expected to cost the government $39.16 million and benefit about 450,000 commuters during the first year of implementation.