The Ministry of Works (KKR) of Malaysia’s Public Works Department (JKR) has started works on a 6.2 km access road to the south of Kuching International Airport (KIA). Contract for the 36-month construction project was awarded to Reka Ikhtiar Sdn Bhd and work is scheduled to be completed by August 2024. The project’s supervision has been assigned to JKR Sarawak, which will also serve as the superintending officer.

The project entails the construction of a 1 km dual-carriageway between Stutong T-junction and Stampin T-junction, as well as a 5.2 km single-carriageway between Stampin T-junction and Bukit Berangan T-junction. Another 1.7 km single-carriageway will be built from Stampin T-junction to Sungai Tapang T-junction. Construction on all of the carriageways will follow JKR U5 standards.  Addition works will also be conducted on the Stamping and Sungai Tapang T-junctions.

Under the initial design plan of the access road, all the roads were to be dual-carriageway. However, this has been revised due to limited funding and some sections of the roads will be constructed as single-carriageway. Reka Ikhtiar will prepare the soil foundation for the building of a dual-carriageway for all lengths of the roads to allow for future upgrades.

The RM112.9 million project was approved under the Third Rolling Plan of the 11th Malaysia Plan (11MP). Upon completion, the access road is expected to relieve traffic congestion in the surrounding districts of Kuching city.