The government has increased the budget for the 12th Malaysia Plan (12MP) by RM15 billion, bringing the total allocation to RM415 billion. For the remaining period of 2023-2025, the government will spend more than RM90 billion annually to expedite progress under the plan. The increased budget will be used to improve management quality and reallocate subsidies.

Moreover, the 12MP Mid-Term Review (MTR) calls for at least five cities to be recognised as smart city early adopters by 2025. Development of smart cities will be accelerated during the remaining two years of the plan and will be based on the Sustainable Cities and Communities-Indicators for Smart Cities standard. 

To improve resiliency, the adoption of the Environmentally-Friendly Drainage Master Plan (PISMA) will also be emphasised especially in flood-prone urban areas. The focus will be on improving the drainage system in these locations. 

When initially tabled in 2021, the plan had an allocation of RM400 billion. Till date, around 31 per cent cent of the 175 set targets under the 12  MP has been achieved, with 59 per cent on schedule.