The Transport Ministry of Thailand has revealed plans to launch the bidding for the supply of 3,183 natural gas-powered vehicles in August 2013, after the formation of a bid panel. The bidding process is expected to be split into eight contracts, comprising four each for the purchase of regular and air-conditioned buses. The winning bidder is expected to supply 250 buses (125 each of regular and air-conditioned buses) within 18 months. The bus procurement is expected to cost 13.16 billion baht; of this, the cost of 1,659 regular buses will be 6.3 billion baht (each bus costing 3.8 million baht), while the cost of 1,524 air-conditioned buses will be 6.86 billion baht (each bus costing 4.5 million baht). The terms of reference are scheduled to be out by end-June 2013 and the bid winners are likely to be announced in October 2013.