Infrastructure development has always been a high priority area for the Philippines. The archipelago has formulated a long-term vision to strategise the flow of public and private investments. Our focus story, “Ambitious Plans”, presents an overview of the Philippines Development Plan (PDP) 2017-2022. The story discusses the details of how the plan lays down the groundwork for change. The plan is primarily a comprehensive agenda for change, in line with the President’s 10-point socioeconomic agenda.

This issue also highlights the significance self-sufficiency in the power sector for Lao PDR. Our story “Grid Strengthening” discusses the country’s efforts and plans towards achieving this goal. The country has put forth plans towards maximising the potential from its renewable energy resources.

The demand for clean transportation has witnessed a sudden spurt. The Southeast Asian region is also not far behind. In 2017-18, several Asian cities made significant headway in the deployment of clean buses. Many cities announced major plans and policy changes to facilitate the deployment of clean buses. The story “Going the Clean Way” talks about the potential for clean buses in the region.

Meanwhile, our story “Green Conversion” highlights the steps being taken by Indonesia for conversion of waste-to-energy.

Establishment of an ecosystem conducive to 5G deployment has been a key focus area of governments across the region.  The story “5G Penetration” takes stock of the current level of 5G penetration in the region and future plans of key operators.

The story “Active Role” gives an overview of ADB’s funding exposure in infrastructure sectors across Southeast Asia.