The Airport of Thailand is implementing expansion work at six major airports in the country:

  • Expansion of Suvarnabhumi (Phase 2) to raise its annual capacity by 15 million passengers to 60 million passengers by 2017 (62 billion baht);
  • Expansion of Phuket airport (Phase 2) that will double its capacity to 12.5 million passengers per year (to be opened by mid-2014) 5.8 billion baht);
  • Construction of Terminal-X at Phuket airport to increase capacity by 4–5 million passengers per year (155 million baht); and
  • Renovations at Don Muang (to be completed in January 2016) (10.7 billion baht).
  • Other projects include the construction of the Chiang Mai and Hat Yai airports in Songkhla.