Inauguration of Singapore’s third desalination plant at Tuas- Desalination of seawater has been an important component of Singapore’s long-term strategy for water self-sufficiency.[...]
Transit fare payment witnessing changes- Deployment of bank cards for transit ticketing is a recent phenomenon in Southeast Asia (SEA). It is currently limited to transit agencies [...]
Making Southeast Asia’s urban infrastructure smarter- Around the world and across Southeast Asia, urban growth has often outpaced planning and investment, causing significant gaps [...]
Upcoming Tunnel Projects-[...]
Dissolving SPAD and postponing Kuala Lumpur-Singapore HSR project- The newly elected government of Malaysia has announced major changes in the country’s public transport sector. It[...]
The Bulacan bulk water supply project- The Philippines has witnessed rapid urbanisation, population growth and increased industrialisation in the last one decade or so. This has le[...]
Recent Awards[...]
Gradual takeoff of electric buses- Several Southeast Asian cities are quickly moving ahead with the deployment of clean buses, in particular electric buses, as they struggle with c[...]
Indonesia to generate clean energy from trash- Waste is increasingly becoming one of the pressing issues in Indonesia. Approximately 70 per cent of the 64 million tonnes of solid w[...]
Bus and Rail Ridership-[...]