ADB’s development of rural roads in Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam- The subregion of Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam (CLV) is geographically homogeneous and has enjoyed an average economi[...]
ASEAN’s “flight” towards open skies- ASEAN has set the goal of achieving a single aviation market (A-SAM), or an “open-skies” policy, within the bloc by 2015. However, as this date[...]
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Growth itinerary of Cambodia Airports- Cambodia Airports, formerly Societe Concessionnaires Des Aeroports (SCA) (until 2011), is a joint venture (JV) company that holds the concess[...]
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Expanding Indonesia’s ports- Indonesia has embarked on an ambitious programme to expand the capacity of its ports in order to cater to the rising demand triggered by the country’s [...]