The Chinese model of infrastructure development fits well for most of the Southeast Asian countries. While China differs substantially in terms of size and economic structure, the country has cruised through all the hiccups to tackle the issue of rising urbanisation and the need for better infrastructure service delivery. Lessons can certainly be learnt especially by countries like the Philippines to step up their infrastructure development agenda.

Our focus story, “Chinese Hegemony”, presents an overview of the Chinese investments in the region. It showcases how China’s interest in tapping and capturing the Southeast Asian markets has risen over the years. The pros and cons of the expanding footprint and the next steps are factors which have been covered.  As of today, the Chinese government continues to be bullish with regard to funding infrastructure projects in the ASEAN region

This issue also highlights the region’s increasing dependence on coal-based power generation. Our story “Exploring Deeper” discusses the key developments in Malaysia’s oil and gas sector. Ensuring sustainability of operations will be the biggest challenge facing this industry.

The transportation sector in the region continues to achieve rapid strides. Implementation of the long-pending Mindanao railway project in the Philippines has finally started to move ahead. Our story “Real Steps” talks about the project’s background, funding aspects and expected benefits. Recently, Jakarta’s Hatta International Airport’s new terminal commenced international operations after facing a series of hiccups.

Meanwhile, our story “Improving Water Supply” highlights the key features of the Rizal Province Water Supply Improvement Project in Manila which aims to provide a long-term water resource for the Rizal province. In line with Singapore’s high smartphone penetration rates, “Focus on Technology” gives a status update on the advanced transport payment options deployed. Taking a further look at technology, the story “Revamping Strategies” takes a look at Starhub’s offerings, financial performance and key focus areas.

The story “Investing in ASEAN” gives an overview of the various funding avenues required to meet the infrastructure investment needs of the region.