Vietnam is gradually becoming a competitive investment destination. While public-private partnership (PPP) penetration is still at a very nascent stage, the country has been promoting PPPs as part of its national development plans. Historically, public funds for infrastructure development crowded out the scope for private investment. On a positive note, the consistent revision of regulatory and legal norms for PPP is a step in the right direction.

Our focus story, “Catching Up”, tracks the progress of private sector participation in Vietnam. It also briefly captures the extent of private participation in other ASEAN countries. The story concludes that in light of the growing infrastructure needs and investment gaps, stepping up private investment is paramount.  That said, the Vietnamese government has created a shelf of a few mega infrastructure projects to be put on the block on a PPP basis.

This issue also highlights how the role of geothermal power in Indonesia’s energy space is expanding. Our story “Huge Potential” discusses the scope for geothermal power as a clean alternative to coal-based power. Further laying focus on the renewable/clean energy potential, our story “Sunny Side Up” examines the scope for renewable energy potential in Malaysia.

Though a lot is happening with regard to improving the development of transportation networks, the infrastructure gaps are huge. Our story, “The Missing Link” provides an assessment of upcoming railway projects in Indonesia and the potential for private sector involvement. The transportation sector continues to make rapid strides with regard to the development of container infrastructure. Our story, “Growth Potential” showcases the key features of the planned new container terminal at Sihanoukville port.

Meanwhile, our story “Augmenting Capacity” highlights the key features of the Ho Chi Minh City Water Supply Project which aims to provide a long-term water resource for the city. Within the urban infrastructure segment, the story “Seamless Transport” gives an overview of the Integrated Common Payment System for Malaysia’s public transport. 4G technology has been growing in leaps and bounds the world over. ASEAN members too are making attempts to increase 4G penetration. The story “Enhancing Coverage” takes a look at 4G roll-outs in the Philippines and Myanmar.

In addition, the story “Chinese Backing” gives an overview of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank’s funding activities in the region.