Affordable launches and e-commerce increase smartphone penetration- The uptake and penetration of smartphones has been on the rise in Southeast Asia due in large part to the rapid [...]
Country-wise Fixed Broadband and Mobile Penetration-[...]
In recent years, the popularity of digital payments across the world has grown significantly. Today, people use an array of digital payment modes, such as mobile payments, digital [...]
Operator Revenue and Profitability-[...]
Tower sharing emerges as a key trend in the Southeast Asian telecom space- Telecom infrastructure sharing offers high potential for telecom operators as it helps optimise investmen[...]
Faster penetration to unfold exciting prospects- There will be 280 million 5G subscriptions in Asia-Pacific by 2022, with 5G service revenue reaching $4.5 billion. Not a lot if vie[...]
Telecom Towers in Southeast Asia[...]
SEA operators prepare for technology launch- During the past two years, 5G has emerged as a key focus area for stakeholders across the telecom value chain in Southeast Asia (SEA). [...]
Operator Revenue and Profitability-[...]
Smartphone penetration increases on the back of declining tariffs and affordable launches- There has been tremendous growth in the recent past in the smartphone market in the South[...]