Telecom markets in the SEA region prepare for technology advancement- As the world heads towards a connected society, the transition from 4G to 5G has become inevitable, given the [...]
Operator Revenue and Profitability[...]
Eventful year for the telecom industry- The year 2016 turned out to be an eventful one for the Southeast Asian (SEA) telecom industry. The year saw a significant surge in the adopt[...]
Telecom Deals-[...]
Flourishing market in the Philippines- Earlier this year, the Philippines’ two biggest telecom operators and arch-rivals signed an agreement for interoperability amongst their digi[...]
Internet Usage in SEA[...]
Telenor Myanmar’s investment plans to strengthen market position- Since its liberalisation in 2013, there has been unprecedented growth in Myanmar’s telecom industry, driven primar[...]
Telecom Deals in 2016-[...]
Evolving LTE ecosystem in SEA region- In line with the global trend, 4G adoption continues to rise in the Southeast Asian markets too. According to industry reports, the initial re[...]
User Base and Penetration-[...]